You are almost certainly overheating your engine. Thankfully, it's an easy fix!

The two main factors that contribute to your engine temperatures are your Manifold Pressure (Boost), and your RPM. To maintain low temperatures, aim for the following:

  • Throttle back to <7 Boost
  • Bring your Prop Control Lever back to <2650 RPM

These settings should allow you to have a cool engine, without sacrificing performance. You must aim to keep your OIL TEMPERATURE below 100 degrees, or else the engine is at risk of seizing up and shutting down.

Alternatively, you can turn Engine Failures OFF by pressing the Radio Preset D button in the cockpit.

If your engine fails despite the above and engine temperature are normal, you should check your fuel levels.

To check your fuel levels, you must hold down the small button next to the fuel gauge.

Finally, if fuel & oil temperatures are good, make note of your altitude. When flying above around 12,000 ft, the fuel pressurisation switch must be turned ON otherwise the engine will be starved of fuel and shutdown.