Why won't my engine start?

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We have modelled the full start-up behaviour of the real Spitfire and as such the start-up process can be quite tricky and requires some level of precision and attention to detail.

The basic start-up procedure is as follows:

1. Gear Indicator Switch (battery) - ON (Advance throttle past 1/3)

2. Prop Control - FULL FORWARD

3. Carb Air Filter - FILTER IN OPERATION (FWD)

4. Fuel Tanks - ON

5. Mixture - IDLE/CUTOFF

6. External Tank - OFF

7. Throttle - Open ½”


9. Primer - AS REQUIRED (see below)

10. Starter Coil/Booster Coil Safety Covers - OPEN

11. Mixture - AUTO (FULL FWD)

12. Mags - BOTH ON

13. Starter & Booster Coil - ENGAGE SIMULTANEOUSLY (via clickspot in between them).

Some of the most common reasons for the engine failing to catch:

1. Magnetos are not on. Ensure they are! The engine won't fire without them

2. Insufficient priming - generally at least 5 strokes of the primer are required, sometimes as much as 7-12 in cold weather. If in doubt, priming 12-13 times will guarantee sufficient priming

3. Fuel valve not open or no fuel in the tanks

4. Insufficient Fuel Pressure - The Low Pressure Fuel Light (located near the fuel quantity gauge) must be extinguished to indicate good fuel pressure. Note that if the battery is not on it will be extinguished by default which can be misleading. If your light is still on, use either the wobble pump of fuel booster until the light extinguishes

5. Not using the booster before the starter (alternatively we recommend using the clickspot between them to engage both)

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