My Aircraft veers to the left on takeoff & is hard to control?

Modified on Tue, 21 Dec 2021 at 01:17 AM

Warbirds are powerful machines and require careful attention to proper takeoff procedures. If neglected, your flight is pretty much guaranteed to end before it even began.

The most common mistake is to apply full power when starting your takeoff roll. You will quickly veer to the left, and there's absolutely nothing you can do about it to make it stop. So, what's happening, and more importantly, what do I do about it?

What's happening is that all that horsepower creates an enormous amount of torque that should be gradually applied. More importantly, the P-Factor from that huge prop under an angle with your line of motion will pull you left. At low speed you won't have much airflow over your control surfaces yet, so your rudder really won't do a thing when you try to correct. End of flight.

What do I do?

1) Trim your rudder properly, somewhere in between half and full right trim.

2) Gradually apply power, no more than 4 boost while applying aft pressure until you reach about 50mph.

3) Increase to about 6 boost, or 9 if you're more experienced, and release aft pressure to let your tail lift.

4) You will have full control and should have no trouble keeping a straight line.

This will certainly take practice. Most importantly be gentle with your boost levels.

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