Together, the canopy and door form a unique slide and latching mechanism. This has been accurately modelled in our Spitfire simulation.

Let's start with the door. The door can be in 3 states: Open, Closed and Latched.

- Open is for entry and exit in the aircraft. When it's open, you cannot slide close the canopy.

- Closed (but NOT latched) is for take-off and landing, but the canopy cannot slide close. This is an important setting. This is modelled true to the real spitfire door/canopy, which employed this mechanism as a means to latch the canopy open for takeoff and landing.

- Latched. The door is now flushed with the hull and the canopy can slide shut. However, the canopy moves easily...gravity and g-forces can also close it when your nose is down or you decelerate fast. To prevent this, the door should be Closed, not latched, during landing and take-off.

The door has 2 separate clickspots - one on the door itself, to swing it open and closed. The other is the door lock handle, which latches & unlatches the door when it is closed. The tooltips also will tell you the state of the door or canopy.